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Are you dreaming of taking the stage with your big idea?

Whether you're a seasoned speaker or are secretly dreaming of getting on stage to share your message with the world, UNLEASH  will give you an exceptional, engaging TEDx talk or keynote and all the tools to share it with confidence, power and pure heart.

This is a complete end-to-end talk-writing immersion.
Beyond creating a talk you can't wait to give over & over, we'll cover everything - from getting clear on your body of work, to storytelling mastery, stage presence, moving an audience and most importantly, ensure you feel so enlivened, alive and like YOU on stage




"Very simply I loved working with Jo. With a rather tough and personal back history, Jo was able to take me on a journey with empathy, care, humour and honesty that enabled me to build and tell story that I am deeply proud of. 

As humans, stories matter; and Jo has incredible knack of curating tales that better us all"

Dean Mumm  
Former professional rugby player & Australian Wallabies captain 

What the UNLEASH talk writing immersion includes:

  • 1 x 20 minute original, powerful KEYNOTE or <18min TEDx talk that lands your message with a wide audience. (the length of this can be adjusted to your needs)

  • Twelve 90 minute 1:1 coaching sessions (online or person)

  • Speaker Coaching to become an authentic, embodied, powerful speaker. 

  • Understanding your body of work, your thought leadership and key message and how to speak to these on social media, podcasts and interviews.

  • Speaker Coaching on the delivery of your talk until you are stage ready

  • Pre-stage rituals and nervous system regulation practices

  • Recordings and transcripts of every session so you have hours and hours of content to draw from 

  • A speaker coach who is in your corner, cheering you on every step of the way! 


This program is right for you if you're:
  • An industry expert

  • A thought leader

  • An entrepreneur

  • An author

  • An executive or consultant

  • An activist

  • Have an important upcoming talk

  • A person who wants to be paid (or is already being paid) to speak.

    This program is open to speakers at ALL levels.

    If you're not sure whether it's right for you, book a consultation call and we can have a chat. 

How it works

The UNLEASH immersion is divided into three parts completed over 3 months (the length of time can be adjusted to your needs). 

Fade ↟_edited.jpg



In the first phase we dive deep to get to the core of your message. I ask lots of questions, offer journalling prompts and speaking prompts to flesh out what's on your heart to share, what you care about and all the stories, research, examples and anecdotes that land your message. 



From all that I've heard I take time to create a first draft. We then enter into a collaborative process and refine the talk until it is the talk that is everything you wanted to say and the talk you can't wait to give



Now the talk is nailed it's all abut the delivery and ensuring you feel embodied and authentic as you take the stage. 
In this phase you will receive intensive Speaker Coaching that will serve you for years to come - you'll know how to take the stage, how to move an audience, how to speak with presence and power, all the while feeling confident and at home in your own skin. . 

If you have a burning message to share
if you want to have a talk you LOVE,

that is exactly everything you have been wanting to say, 

that you can use over and over to share your message


you want to experience yourself as an authentic,
embodied speaker who speaks from the heart,

I'd love to work with you


If you feel like this is exactly the program you've been looking for or want to know more, next step is to book a 30 min call with me. Can't wait to connect! 


From the very first session, it was evident that Jo possessed a remarkable talent for understanding individual needs and tailoring her guidance accordingly.
She listened attentively to my concerns and aspirations, creating a safe and nurturing environment that allowed me to explore my strengths and overcome my insecurities.


Jo's genuine belief in my potential served as a constant source of motivation, enabling me to push myself and discover new levels of self-assurance.

Sarah Longes
Co-founder of BORNE HMRI

About your coach

As an actress with a wealth of experience across stages in Dublin, Scotland and Australia and a student of the esteemed Jacques Lecoq theatre School in Paris, I care deeply about storytelling and its ability to create connection.

I know how painful it is to feel like you have so much to say and yet speaking it is terrifying and know that the way to become a great speaker is to be genuinely seen and heard. This is what I am passionate about and what I offer to my clients; a space where they are free to express, where they feel deeply seen and heard and can connect with the value of who they are and the message they have to share. 

A place where they can become the speakers and ocmmunicators they know themselves to be. On stage and off stage. 

I'm a child of Deaf adults, have worked as an Auslan interpreter, presented on radio, worked as a Stage Manager in Ireland for 2.5 years (with the world's best storytellers!), delivered events in a human-centred design methodology globally for over 12 years and have spoken on topics such as Listening, Storytelling, Front of room Presence, Finding your voice, Curiosity and Personal Agency.

I have worked with clients delivering talks at TEDx, conferences, festivals and keynotes. 

Whether you'd like to find your voice or you're wanting to take the stage,  book a call, I'd love to connect. 


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