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Get clear on the wisdom that lives inside you

Get clear on what you are a stand for, what you believe and  
the knowing that lives in your bones.  

Work Desk

Clarify your message 

Own the value of your work in the world. 

Get total clarity on your message, what it is you stand for and gain the ability to clearly, unapologetically, passionately articulate it. 

You will leave this intensive with total clarity on your body of work and the ability to speak to it with clarity and confidence. 

This intensive is great for connecting with why you do what you do and giving you plenty of speaking practice to articulate it,

It is a deep immersion that supports clients to show up empowered and confident for:
- podcast interviews
- writing website copy
- creating social media content
- networking
- starting a new business, taking the next step.

Through grounding in your knowing and what you are a stand for, this immersion transforms how you show up in your business. It transforms your relationship to yourself and others. 

Through the intensive you'll get clarity on:

  • your body of work

  • your key message & how to deliver it powerfully

  • your supporting messages and the stories, examples & metaphors to bring them to life

  • your ability to speak to why you do what you do with
    clarity & impact

  • how to approach any interview, podcast or social media live

  • how to adjust your messages for different audiences

  • your public speaking ability. You'll develop deep trust in your own wisdom, your voice & your ability to move people with your message..

Book a call below and we can tailor a program to meet your needs. 


Jo's guidance in message development was invaluable...the clarity and coherence she instilled in my messages allowed me to connect with audiences on a deeper level, leaving a
lasting impression


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