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The Full Story

I know what it’s like to feel your throat constrict at the very thought of speaking; to feel panic rising in your body and to find yourself speaking words while having no idea what’s actually coming out of your mouth. I was an actress, a facilitated large teams but whenever it came to sharing something personal in front of a group my whole system went into panic mode.

I felt so frustrated and despondent. I knew I had so much to share and I longed to feel fully expressed. 

I discovered that the way to transform the fear of being seen was ironically to BE SEEN

To be seen in a safe space fully and completely.

To speak in a safe space where I felt completely seen and heard, where there was so much curiosity, deep listening and celebration.

Speaking in this environment, I found my voice. And from the moment I felt it activate in my body, I was forever changed. I was actually here; allowed to exist; my thoughts mattered, how I felt mattered, I knew the value of my words because I felt & heard how they moved the people I was speaking to.

This is what I offer my clients. A space of genuine curiosity. a safe space where they can speak freely and feel seen and heard, where they can hear themselves speak, where they know that what they have to say matters, who they are matters, their stories matter, a space where they can become more of themselves and feel fully expressed, a place where they can connect their deepest knowing and speak unapologetically from there.

Communication has been a major theme in my life. I am the child of Deaf parents and grew up as a bilingual and bicultural member of the Deaf community. My natural affinity for gesture makes its way into my storytelling and speaking. I became an Auslan Interpreter working across a variety of settings from university to conferences to sign singing on stage for the after party at Sydney’s Mardi Gras.

I studied Media and presented a drivetime programme and film reviews on Sydney’s Eastside Radio.

For almost 3 years I was a stage manager in Dublin where I learnt about great theatre and storytelling from some of the world's best storytellers. That led me to the esteemed Jacques Lecoq Theatre School in Paris where I studied physical theatre, improvisation and theatre making and devising. 

As an actress I have performed on stages across Scotland and Sydney (including both the Edinburgh and Sydney Fringe festivals) and toured a one woman show. I am the co-founder of sketch comedy duo Jo & Scott where I was a scriptwriter and performer. 

For over 12 years I facilitated events globally in a human-centred-design methodology.

I have spoken on deep listening, unleashing your voice, front of room presence, storytelling, confidence and leadership.and am a Storyteller at The Moth

I have deep experience in a broad range of meditation and mindfulness practices and nervous system regulation tools. 

I believe that the journey of becoming an authentic, embodied speaker naturally dovetails and blossoms into greater self-confidence, clear communication and sovereignty and offer coaching in confidence, communication and boundaries

I love the word sovereignty.

I am a Speaking Confidence Coach and Talk writer drawing on a depth of experience in theatre, storytelling, design thinking, radio and personal development and ancient traditions. I have coached TEDx Speakers, Keynote Speakers and Conference Speakers.

I am passionate about unleashing women’s voices. I care deeply about offering a space where people feel genuinely seen and heard.

I care deeply about my clients feeling connected to their voice, to themselves, feeling fully expressed; You knowing that you have something to say and feeling free to say it when & how you choose.

There is nothing more exquisite.

If you’d like to connect, I can’t wait to chat.

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