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Own your voice

Come home to yourself. 
Fill out your skin.


Communicate from a deeply grounded place. Live as yourself. No apologies.  

I work with clients to stand in their truth, on stage and off stage

Through speaker coaching, clarifying your message, talk writing or sovereingty mentorship, know what it is to speak and feel at home in your own skin. 



Working with Jo has been transformational. Not only has she helped me clarify my message, she has helped me trust my voice and feel confident speaking my authenticity. For every session I had with Jo, I have come away with my expectations exceeded. Jo is a revelation and an absolute joy to work with

Empirical Research Development

Ways to work with me

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1:1 Speaking Confidence Coaching

 Feel deep trust in your speaking, your voice & your ability to make what you say land. Trust in your ability to move an audience.. 
1:1 coaching to take you there. 
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Clarify your Message

Together we will flesh out what matters to you, what's on your heart, what the message is you want to be known for. Create your body of work. 
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Create your Signature Talk

A profound, priceless 1:1 journey to create the talk that lives on your heart & in your bones and unleash yourself into the world. 
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Sovereignty Mentoring

Work with me 1:1 in
knowing your edges

Take owning your voice to the next level & own your truth. Walk with me & fill out your skin, take up space, Know what is a yes for you, what is a no for you & how to communicate that - unapologetically

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Soulfully Sovereign 
 A 6 week deep dive into
boundaries & sovereignty

Craft the life you desire. Know what matters to you. Know how to come home to yourself.
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Deep Listening

Workshops & Talks

Being seen & heard is one of the most exquisite, nourishing experiences in life. We each have the capacity to offer this incredible gift. All it requires is remembering it's value & practicing the skillset. 
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Jo is a truly gifted guide, teacher and facilitator. She puts you at ease, helps you overcome your nerves and self-doubt, guides you through the process of clarifying and crystallising your story. Above all, Jo deeply validates the value of you and your story, and listens with constructive openness and kindness. I cannot recommend her highly enough if you need to develop a talk that connects to audiences on a personal and profound level.

Communications Specialist, Artist and Counsellor, NSW

Why work with me?

Whether you want to find your voice, develop a TEDx talk, get clear on your messaging or you want to feel more confident,, I am a stand for you.

I am a stand for your voice, your truth, your message, for your words and wisdom. I care deeply about the most authentic version of you - that which your audience wants to feel & connect with. My mission is for you to feel the liberation & joy of expressing from your deepest wisdom, for you to feel totally yourself & fully expressed on stage, on a podcast, in a meeting, at a picnic, wherever. That you feel unshakeably allowed & able to be you. 

I am in your corner, listening for the wisdom that lives innately, deeply within you. I believe that you have lived and that you have rich direct experience and knowing to share. I can't wait to hear  you.

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