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Reclaim your voice and knowing in a community of women
Become an embodied speaker

Find your voice. 

If you've ever had the longing to speak clearly and confidently, to deeply trust yourself and the words that come out of your mouth, to know that what you have to say matters and you have the right to share it, this is the place where you can learn how. 

Who you are matters. What you have to say matters.

In this 6 week immersion you will learn how to connect to the wisdom of your body, to connect with what matters to you, to drop into your deepest core and speak from there and be supported, witnessed and celebrated as you do. 

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Speak is a deeply held and supportive container to support you in connecting with your wisdom, your knowing, your voice.

If you have wanted to feel confident speaking, to feel at ease sharing your thoughts and opinions to a group of people, the time is now. 


This course will provide you with:

  • Public speaking confidence

  • Trust in your own voice

  • Embodiment and nervous system regulation tools to regulate on and off stage. 

  • Owning the value of what you have to say

  • Practice and Experience speaking in front of a group 

  • Storytelling mastery

  • Communication and confidence skills that are transferrable both on and off the stage

Take the stage & speak your truth.

Unleash your voice, at home in your own skin.
Take the stage as yourself. 



In this workshop I felt safe, held, and seen. And it changed my life. I also learned that by speaking up, my voice encouraged another childless woman to share her voice. And that is the power of sharing. You never know who needs to hear what you have to say.

Jo Vraca  
Unripecommunity. Podcaster @unRipe & @saywhatthepodcast

Do you want to:

  • Feel confident using your voice

  • Trust your ability to speak organically and spontaneously

  • Share your thoughts and feelings with ease

  • Speak your truth with power and grace

  • Move an audience with your words

  • Amplify your stage presence 

  • Trust you can navigate speaking on and off stage

    ALL levels of speaking experience welcome. 

What you get:

  • 6 weekly, online, group classes

  • A private 1:1 60 min session 

  • A guided and supportive process

  • A deeply held, supportive container

  • Grounding in your authentic voice

  • Understanding how to regulate and work with the body 

Who is Speak for?

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Jo creates a field of deep acceptance and enthusiastic appreciation. I would say that all of these qualities in my coach enabled me to begin to experience what it's like to speak from my truth, in the moment. This is a big deal because I am a writer and usually take great care with finding my words. Jo has a beautiful authenticity which radiates throughout the
entire process

Jenny Gladding  IFS Therapist, North Carolina

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 If speaking in community lights you up...

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