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Know your voice.
Know yourself. 

Where speaking becomes sovereignty


Knowing ourselves is the greatest, most rewarding work we can ever do. It doesn't mean living a blissful, easy life. It means living a life that is true, that is rich, full and alive from a deep ground of being.

I'm Jo, passionate about being human, and about the profound gift of belonging that comes with being truly seen, heard and knowing that everything you are feeling in every moment is ok.


I care about sovereignty, about being at home within ourselves.
I care about deep listening and validation as methods to enable us to turn towards ourselves and be honest about what is actually happening in our experience.

I believe through that clarity we can show up as we are and authentically relate to ourselves, life and others.  

Working with me means complete support in being YOU. A place where you can be beautifully humanly messy, where someone has your back and will be with you in what's actually happening; the place we want to avoid but the place where life and you actually are.

Working with me means knowing what it is to own your voice, as a speaker and as a fully unfurled human. It means filling out your skin. Speak authentically (if you choose to).

It means knowing who you are and what matters to you.  

I look forward to connecting. 


Confidence & Sovereignty Coaching

I support you to know
who you are;
to know what matters to you,
what is a yes for you, 
what is a no for you.
I support you in knowing yourself, in belonging to yourself, in claiming your sovereignty and choosing your well being.

1 session $150
5 sessions $700
12 week Mentorship $1600


Soulfully Sovereign

A 3 week deep dive into sovereignty.
What is it to be at home within ourselves?
How do we begin to know where our edges are?
How do we know what matters to us and what we need?
How do we become fully expressed adults in the world?
How do we feel at home in our own skin?

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Discovery Call

Have questions?
Want to connect and see if we're a fit for one another? 
Use the link below to book in a free 30 min call. 

Can't wait to connect! 

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